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At Advanced Healthcare Solutions, we offer expert care, comfort, and a supportive community that understands the unique needs of each individual. Our mission is to enhance lives with compassion, respect, and the highest quality of integrative health care.


Welcome To AHS

Meet Dr. Marc Cutler

Dr. Marc S. Cutler, D.O.M. (NM), L.Ac (NC), Dipl.Ac, MSW, Director of Clinical Services, is dedicated to providing personalized care to each patient. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Cutler integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern techniques to promote holistic health and wellness.

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Expert Practitioners
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Types of Care

Providing Quality Integrative Health Care

Discover the steps to a healthier you.

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Chronic Pain Management

Discover the benefits of acupuncture and other holistic treatments for managing chronic pain effectively from our experienced practitioners

Step 2
Neuropathy Treatment

Explore our advanced therapies designed to relieve neuropathy symptoms and improve nerve function naturally.

Step 3
Fertility Support

Learn more about our fertility treatments, including acupuncture and herbal medicine, to enhance reproductive health and increase the chances of conception.

Why Choose Advanced Healthcare Solutions

Compassionate Care for Your Optimal Health

We take pride in making a significant impact on the lives of our patients by offering customized care services that address their specific health needs.

  • Chronic Pain Relieve longstanding discomfort and improve quality of life.
  • Neuropathy Improve nerve function and relieve the symptoms of neuropathy naturally
  • Fertility Enhance your natural ability to conceive and sustain a pregnancy
  • Your Health, Reimagined With over three decades of experience, our practice has helped thousands find relief and rejuvenation. Whether you're dealing with chronic pain, seeking wellness, or simply want to feel better, we're here to guide you on your path to recovery.

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Trusted by patients and health professionals, our center provides a nurturing environment for healing and wellness.

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Our Staff

MARC S. CUTLER, D.O.M (NM), Dipl. Ac., L.Ac
Director of Clinical Services

For 30 years Marc Cutler has been helping people across the Triangle and the country reach their health and wellness goals.

Healthcare Administrator and Consultant

For more than 25 years, Sharon Cutler has been helping patients get the most out of life.

Director – Patient Care Coordinator/VA Benefits Coordinator

Sue joined Advanced Healthcare Solutions in 2019 after working in the medical administrative field for thirty years with a background in customer service.

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What Our Patients Say

"I had been experiencing neck and shoulder pain for several weeks. After one treatment, I noticed the next day, NO PAIN! I was surprised since the discomfort had become “normal”. So, when I noticed, “Hey, No neck pain today!” I was surprised – but most of all – Grateful. Amazing stuff!"

Neck and Shoulder Pain

"I came in with lower back pain and stiffness in my neck. The acupressure treatments were nothing short of a miracle! I wish we had recorded the treatment sessions. Initially I could barely get out of the bed without help. After having an acupressure session, I was able to sit up with ease and sharp shooting pains. I am truly amazed and completely sold on this therapy. Thank you for the wonderful service."

Back Pain & Neck Stiffness

"Through acupuncture, my friend got amazing results from arthritis pain and diabetes. I came to Marc for severe and continuing pain in my thumbs from arthritis. I was skeptical about a treatment that I didn’t understand, but was open to non-Western concepts. Within two months, the pain was gone- really. My allergies that I happened to mention in my second visit were gone as well. I continue to be amazed at Marc and his ability to heal. I am a true believer."


"My experience with Marc Cutler and the staff at Advanced Healthcare Solutions has been such a pleasurable one. They were sensitive to my concerns and made me very comfortable with the recommended treatment. I started doing fertility treatments in April and was pregnant in May! I truly believe the combination of herbs and acupuncture helped attribute to my success. Thank you to Marc and his staff for such an unbelievable experience!"


"I came originally for a fertility problem and lower back pain (sciatica). After the first visit, I immediately noticed that the sciatica was gone. It comes and goes now, abut it is not as bad as it once was. I have an overall feeling of good health and well-being after 5 months of treatment – I am now pregnant and I am hoping to write an even better success stories in 8 months!"


"Like I said the first time I came in for my consultation, I did not think I was a vain person but I found out after one year of tragedy in my family, the signs of aging and grief were showing in my face and especially my eyelids. Every time I looked in the mirror I was obsessing over the changes that I saw. Thank God I found out about a non-surgical and safe alternative to plastic surgery. The acupuncture facelift I have been doing for the past few weeks has definitely brought back some firmness to my face and I am starting to see some improvement in my eyelids. Friends that did not know what I am doing have commented that I look wonderful and ask what I am doing new. My husband who was my biggest skeptic sees the changes and is happy with my results. Most importantly, I am not looking in the mirror and feeling negative about my reflection. I see improvements and am very happy with my results."


"Since last Tuesday I have been able to sleep 8-10 hours per night. I only get up to use the bathroom and then back to sleep I go. Yeah! This is really great! Prior to last Tuesday I did well to sleep 3-4 hours per night, sitting upright in a chair. This had been going on since June 20th [over 4 months]. I could not breathe due to the excessive phlegm in my lungs. It was normal to be awakened gasping for air. Sleeping was not my friend at that time. Being afraid of not knowing what was actually wrong with my lungs, the doctors not being able to figure it out. I felt that I could die while sleeping. Now sleep is my friend. I look forward to going to bed – note: not the chair. My husband gets more sleep as well and he doesn’t have to get up and check on me."

Sweet Sleep

"My daughter has suffered with severe migraines for several months before we found Marc. She is 16 and could not continue on with the traditional school because her migraines were so debilitating. Eventually she had to take classes on-line through Keystone. Many days she was too weak and sick to do anything but cry from the pain. We were worried sick! Initially we sought out a child neurologist who did his best to break the cycle of headaches. It did not. We felt so hopeless. In addition to the migraines she could not sleep either. All of this contributed to depression. After undergoing this ordeal, our neurologist suggested acupuncture. It has made a HUGE difference in our lives. We are so grateful to Marc, Sharon and the caring staff at Advanced Healthcare Solutions. Our daughters future looks brighter now and we thank Marc for his expertise and skill."

Severe Migraines

"Lauren has had an intractable migraine for almost 3 months. The migraines started 2 years ago and increased in frequency until she had one continuous migraine. Since January she has had a 5 day hospital stay at Wake Med, a five day hospital stay at UNC, an MRI, 2 lumbar punctures, and a number of powerful medications. Nothing helped and Lauren essentially spent 3 months in bed in a darkened bedroom. On a migraine forum, I read about people who recovered from intractable migraines through acupuncture. We came to Advanced Healthcare Solutions and our lives have changed so much. When we left the hospital, we felt hopelessness and despair. Now we have our lives back and our daughter has a future. I had not expected much when we decided to try acupuncture. It seemed like a nebulous idea with no foundation in science. Now I know better and would suggest it for anyone."

Intractable Migraines

"Thanks to Marc and Emma and the entire staff at Advanced Healthcare Solutions!! After eight years of my neuropathy being under control (kudos to Marc), it started to act back up and my blood pressure was extremely high. After a month of Acupuncture and taking herbs, my neuropathy is under control and my blood pressure is back at an acceptable number. I am very grateful for Advanced Healthcare Solutions and their vigilance to relieve my symptoms. Thanks again!"


"I came to Advanced Healthcare Solutions after having problems with sinus congestion and allergies for 15 years. I suffered from infections, pain, eyes watering, poor breathing, and other symptoms. I had taken many medications and antibiotics over the years to try and “fix” my problems. Within 30 days of starting acupuncture, I have had tremendous relief and feel like a new person. My head is no longer “stuffy”. My eyes have quit tearing and I am breathing better. Even my complexion and color of face are brighter and healthier looking. My energy level is so much higher now. I am so grateful to Marc and his staff for my healing and promoting my attention to wellness issues. Many, Many thanks to you all!"

Sinus & Allergies

"After being diagnosed with high blood pressure, I was prescribed numerous medications which caused me to suffer significant side affects. When I was finally able to tolerate a medication, I was told “it wasn’t strong enough.” But I had had enough. I knew high blood pressure can be very dangerous if left untreated. That’s when I made the decision to learn more about acupuncture. After my initial informative appointment, I realized what a personal commitment acupuncture is, I but I was willing to try. What a wonderful choice I made! Within six visits my blood pressure was back in normal range. The skilled staff at Advanced Healthcare Solutions has taught me much about how the body works and heals itself. I feel so much better and continue to look forward to my acupuncture treatment."

High Blood Pressure

"For about six months, I was experiencing very heavy menstrual bleeding lasting 10-14 days with only a couple of weeks between my periods. A complete gynecological work up showed only fibroid tumors. A number of surgical and chemotherapeutic options were presented. I opted for acupuncture. I have been coming regularly for 7 months and my periods have normalized. I am very satisfied with the results and would recommend Advanced Healthcare Solutions."

Fibroid Tumors/Abnormal Bleeding

"Advanced Healthcare Solutions changed my life. The holistic treatments for my chronic migraines have given me back my days and my joy."

Jane Doe

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