Acupuncture has been widely used in Asia for thousands of years,

but it’s the hottest new thing for today’s celebrities.

While as recently as fifteen years ago, acupuncture may have seemed like an alternative healing modality, these days it’s nothing short of mainstream. Articles and blogs abound with reports of celebrities using acupuncture and other forms of traditional medicine. Why does this matter to you? Because celebrities, as much as we love to envy their lives, are hard workers who rely on superior health and an attractive appearance to do their job. They may be human just like we are, but unlike us, they can’t take a sick day during a film shoot or semi-final game. Celebrities always have to be at their best, and many have realized that acupuncture can help.

Oprah, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Elle Macpherson — the list of well-known acupuncture devotees goes on and on. In fact, even Dr. Oz loves acupuncture and encourages his audience to think holistically about their health. And gentlemen, don’t assume it’s just the ladies who benefit from acupuncture. The Packers released an article earlier this year discussing the wide use of acupuncture across all sports, including household names like the NBA’s Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, and Charles Barkley. Male actors are acupuncture fans, too. For example, in 2012 Robert Downey, Jr. was honored for his vocal support of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

They say celebrities are just like us, and it’s true—all of us want to feel healthy and balanced in order to do great at work and feel good about our lives. True, you may not want to hop on every celebrity bandwagon. But if we look to acupuncture’s centuries-long history and present day popularity, it’s evident that the practice is here to stay.