Cape Verdean woman weighing herself

You may be surprised to see “acupuncture” and “weight loss” together in the same sentence. After all, the weight loss industry has made its fortune with “quick fixes” and “miracle drugs” that allegedly promise to help you shed pounds in record-breaking time. In a culture suffering more and more from obesity (and its side-effects), it’s no wonder that we are constantly bombarded with advertisements and commercials touting the latest weight loss program de jour. Frustrated and overwhelmed, you may have tried everything at this point, but you still can’t find a method to help you achieve your weight loss goals. That’s where acupuncture can help! Acupuncture is a traditional ancient eastern medical practice that has been effective in treating a whole host of ailments and health problems, including anxiety, depression, pain, and infertility, and, yes, weight loss.

Acupuncture is the process of inserting very fine, sterilized needles into various “acupuncture points” located at different places on the body that correspond to “energy pathways.” By stimulating these various points, acupuncture helps the body to release endorphins, chemicals in the body that are responsible for the calming, relaxing, and sometimes euphoric, sensations we experience. For those who routinely deal with stress and anxiety by turning to food as a coping mechanism, acupuncture is a healthy and natural alternative for confronting these tensions. It’s helpful to think of acupuncture as a supplemental weight loss tool. Routine sessions with an acupuncturist help to alleviate day-to-day stress, standing in as replacement for over-eating and poor diet choices.

Another common acupuncture practice for weight loss is ear/auricular acupuncture. And, I promise, it’s a lot less intimidating than it sounds. Auricular acupuncture has been successfully used to help smokers kick nicotine addictions, but it has also served as a weight loss technique. By stimulating various points on the ear connected with food cravings and appetite, auricular acupuncture works to reduce cravings and control the appetite, helping you to pursue your weight loss goals more effectively.

As a final note, it’s important to remember that acupuncture is not magic. In many ways, the myths of the weight loss industry have promoted the idea the losing weight should be quick and easy in order convince consumers to buy products that are often unhealthy and show few results. By and large, many who are trying to lose weight have been conditioned by this mentality. Acupuncture is meant to function as a weight loss aid. In conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise, routine acupuncture sessions can help you achieve your weight loss goals and sustain lasting change. So, what are you waiting for? Give acupuncture a try today!