You may have reached your wits end when it comes to your weight loss plan. You’ve tried it all: the shakes, the bars, the latest miracle pill, and the endless exercise programs promising to help you shed pounds. You’ve cut fatty foods from your diet, as well, but you’re still not seeing the results you want. Well, a healthy weight loss program is not only about cutting foods from you diet; it’s about adding them too. Some foods we eat can actually help boost the body’s metabolism and burn calories. Read on for a list of herbs and spices that can aid you in creating a natural and safe weight loss plan.

Cinnamon: This beloved (and delicious) spice has been found to boost metabolism, allowing your body to burn more calories instead of storing them as fat. Additionally, research has also found that cinnamon may be helpful in regulating diabetes, so it’s an excellent spice for those dealing with blood sugar issues.

Ginger: This spicy root works as an anti-inflammatory, aiding your body’s digestive process in the intestinal tract. Additionally, ginger possesses thermogenic properties that boost your metabolism and help you burn calories. It may also work as an appetite suppressant, making your more likely to avoid unplanned meals and snacks.

Ginseng: Appearing often in teas, ginseng is a root that is well known for increasing your energy levels and boosting your metabolism.

Black Pepper: By sprinkling black pepper on dishes, you’re not only enhancing the flavor, but you may also be preventing the formation of new fat cells, one of the many benefits of this spice.

Cayenne Pepper: These little firecrackers contain a special compound called capsaicin, which works to diminish fat tissue and lower calorie in-take. Additionally, cayenne peppers cause thermogenesis in the body, helping it to burn stored fat as an energy source.