I had been on the fence about quitting smoking for years, spending the majority of my days chewing nicotine gum or wearing a nicotine patch, and smoking on and off as well. I was happy that I was not smoking too much, but would not excuse the fact the nicotine treatments that I was using, were actually just a substitute for smoking. The withdrawal symptoms were just too unpleasant, and I could not imagine myself totally free of nicotine. A friend had quit using laser acupuncture, and I thought I would start 2007 off right by giving this a shot myself. I met with Marc Cutler at Advanced Healthcare Solutions and planned a schedule of visits. After my first treatment, I found both the urge to smoke and the physical craving for nicotine greatly diminished, and so it was actually pretty easy to just stop taking in any nicotine, whether cigarettes, gum, or patches. As I told my friends, it was like switch had been flipped in my brain. I simply did not want to smoke as much, and resisting smoking in “trouble” situations has become much easier as well. What a change! It’s been more than two weeks since I’ve had any nicotine, and I’m excited about the prospect of a nicotine-free year! I highly recommend traditional and laser acupuncture for anyone looking to stop smoking. Smoking

Like I said the first time I came in for my consultation, I did not think I was a vain person but I found out after one year of tragedy in my family, the signs of aging and grief were showing in my face and especially my eyelids. Every time I looked in the mirror I was obsessing over the changes that I saw. Thank God I found out about a non-surgical and safe alternative to plastic surgery. The acupuncture facelift I have been doing for the past few weeks has definitely brought back some firmness to my face and I am starting to see some improvement in my eyelids. Friends that did not know what I am doing have commented that I look wonderful and ask what I am doing new. My husband who was my biggest skeptic sees the changes and is happy with my results. Most importantly, I am not looking in the mirror and feeling negative about my reflection. I see improvements and am very happy with my results. Facelift

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