Thanks to Marc and Emma and the entire staff at Advanced Healthcare Solutions!! After eight years of my neuropathy being under control (kudos to Marc), it started to act back up and my blood pressure was extremely high. After a month of Acupuncture and taking herbs, my neuropathy is under control and my blood pressure is back at an acceptable number. I am very grateful for Advanced Healthcare Solutions and their vigilance to relieve my symptoms. Thanks again! Neuropathy

When I was 16, I was struck by a myriad of unusual symptoms. My first symptom was hair loss, which I believed at the time would be easily treated. Soon, however, my hair began falling out more rapidly. I also began getting night sweats and hot flashes, extreme fatigue and brain fog, insomnia, IBS, unidentifiable leg rashes, and tachycardia for hours after each meal. I went to around 10 conventional doctors in the three years I was sick. They ran blood panel after blood panel, did extensive allergy testing (including months and months of different diets to detect any food intolerance), an upper endoscopy was scheduled, I wore a heart monitor for two weeks due to the extreme tachycardia, and had an MRI done after the right side of my body went numb for several days. None of this accomplished anything. I began getting accused of simply being a hypochondriac or depressed. I was becoming fearful that I may end up dying very young because no one would listen to me or, if they did, they couldn’t help. This is when I began searching for alternative medicine and Advanced Healthcare Solutions came up in my search. Although it was what I went to as a last resort, I wish I had known about acupuncture much earlier. It has changed my life. Most of my symptoms have disappeared completely after being treated mainly for weak adrenal glands, hypothyroidism, and estrogen/progesterone imbalance. What I found was that acupuncture didn’t hand out a thoughtless prescription, it handed out a road map to a lifelong journey of recovery, triumph, and happiness. For me, it was truly a life changing experience in body and mind and I hope others can experience the same thing. -SD Adrenal Fatigue & Hormone Imbalance

For years I have sought out wellness information, as I didn’t feel as healthy as I should have. With the onset of teenage daughter stress, my weight began creeping up. First 10, then 20, then 30 pounds! I tried to take better care of myself and began sleeping more but still was waking up feeling unrested. I lost my will to exercise and I am a former NCSU cheerleader and ran my first marathon at the age of 47. Some days, making my bed was a struggle. I constantly craved sweets and carbohydrates but intuitively, I knew my body needed more live foods and protein. I was referred to Dr. Marc Cutler and his staff by one of my staff members at Care First Animal Hospital. She was pregnant and became unable to walk without tremendous back pain. After 3 treatments with Marc, Amy was running laps around our practice. That is when I sought out Marc for stress relief. Following 2 months of treatment and just 2 weeks of being on their weight loss program, I feel energy circulating through my body. I even noticed that colors are more vivid and I was elated with new found energy. I had so much energy I was concerned that I may not sleep well but sleep came easily and I woke up rested and exercised for the 3rd day in a row. I now wake without an alarm, feeling completely rested and I start my day off with a walk at sunrise. Needless to say my dog loves this new found energy! I was concerned in the beginning that I lacked the will power to turn away from pastries, pizza, wine, and fried foods but after a few days of following the weight loss program, my only cravings are for raw veggies, fruits, and nuts. I am never hungry on the program and the weight is effortlessly falling off. It is a combination of acupuncture, supplements, healthy eating, and acupressure to heal my adrenal glands, liver, thyroid and ovaries that is working for me. I feel great and thank you from the bottom of my heart! I cannot thank the staff enough for the difference you have made in all aspects of my life including family, business, and my overall quality of life. God bless you for all you do and the difference you are making in our community. Overall Health & Weight Loss

I came to Advanced Healthcare Solutions to get help with stress, irritable bowels, and weight loss. I have been suffering from stress and irritable bowls for 14 years. Stress was constant in my life. I had a hard time focusing and was completely exhausted. I have been to many doctors for my irritable bowels and had no results. In the last six years, I gained thirty pounds, mostly in my abdominal area. It has been two and a half months since I started my treatments here. I have already lost 12 pounds and 2 ½ inches off my waist. I notice that I am more relaxed and have more energy. I still have flare-ups with my irritable bowls, but they are less frequent and don’t last as long. My whole experience here has been wonderful. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I have already referred my brother and would recommend it to anyone. Weight Loss, Stress, & Wellness

I came to Advanced Healthcare Solutions after having problems with sinus congestion and allergies for 15 years. I suffered from infections, pain, eyes watering, poor breathing, and other symptoms. I had taken many medications and antibiotics over the years to try and “fix” my problems. Within 30 days of starting acupuncture, I have had tremendous relief and feel like a new person. My head is no longer “stuffy”. My eyes have quit tearing and I am breathing better. Even my complexion and color of face are brighter and healthier looking. My energy level is so much higher now. I am so grateful to Marc and his staff for my healing and promoting my attention to wellness issues. Many, Many thanks to you all! Sinus & Allergies

Since age thirteen, I have been suffering from excessive sweating, acne, facial hair, anxiety and lack of menstruation. After some testing, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and was prescribed birth control pills to regulate my hormones and Acutane to help with the acne. My acne cleared up pretty well, electrolysis helped with the facial hair and I did menstruate but still experienced the sweating and anxiety. After a couple of years of marriage, I began thinking about having children and I stopped taking birth control to see if my body would have normal menstrual cycles. A year later, there was no normality and my facial hair and acne became much worse. My doctor said I would have to take a couple medications to ovulate when I was ready to attempt getting pregnant. The thought of having to take more mediation was not appealing. I had always been very interested in oriental medicine and loved the whole body approach, rather than treating just the symptoms. So, I decided to try acupuncture and vitamins and herbs to regulate my hormones. It has been a few months now and I have seen some improvements I have more confidence, the acne is a lot better, I’m sweating a little less and I have seen progress with my cycles. After 15 year of living with these problems, I am really excited about getting my body in balance and looking forward to more changes for the better. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

After being diagnosed with high blood pressure, I was prescribed numerous medications which caused me to suffer significant side affects. When I was finally able to tolerate a medication, I was told “it wasn’t strong enough.” But I had had enough. I knew high blood pressure can be very dangerous if left untreated. That’s when I made the decision to learn more about acupuncture. After my initial informative appointment, I realized what a personal commitment acupuncture is, I but I was willing to try. What a wonderful choice I made! Within six visits my blood pressure was back in normal range. The skilled staff at Advanced Healthcare Solutions has taught me much about how the body works and heals itself. I feel so much better and continue to look forward to my acupuncture treatment. High Blood Pressure

Marc Cutler has been my personal acupuncturist since November 2006. I attended a seminar he hosted at Moving Mantra Yoga studio’s that prompted me to set up an appointment with him for a consultation and evaluation. My stress and anxiety levels had been dangerously high due to an overbooked work schedule, an intense daily routine, combined with raising two young children and 2 teenagers. It got to the point that I was having chest pains, headaches, and was irritable with my family and friends so I had been taking anti-depressants as a form of relief. This lasted for approximately 2 months, but I discovered the side effects of the medication impacted my work performance and daily life. After speaking with Marc, I decided to try acupuncture instead. I was uneasy at first since I have an aversion to needles, to the point that I fainted while watching my brother get a shot in preparation for a trip to Africa. I also fainted when I got my ears pierced as a young girl. However, in Marc’s nurturing way he assured a calming and relaxing experience and convinced me that it would be painless. He was absolutely right. I have enjoyed going for treatments ever since. I find that his work consistently calms my body and mind allowing for healing to take place. After 3 months of weekly treatments I am happy to report that I no longer have headaches or chest pains, and am able to mange my daily stress in a more efficient manner. I stopped taking the anti-depressants the day I had my first treatment so now my mind is crisp again, my motivation level is back in check, and the other side effects from the medication are virtually gone. Thanks to the plan Marc put in place to balance my levels, my physical, emotional, and mental state are back on track. Marc is a compassionate, dedicated healer who maintains a high level of personal integrity and professionalism. His office is a sanctuary- and I find it a pleasure to take refuge there. The staff at Advanced Healthcare Solutions, works in lock step together to ensure their patient’s needs are attended to and everyone is comfortable. The peace and integration that follows a treatment by Marc allows me to gracefully maintain a strenuous overbooked schedule of family obligations and an out of control work load. I am grateful that I took the steps to give acupuncture and Marc Cutler a chance. He truly is a professional and has provided a healthy form of relief for my condition. Headaches & Depression

For about six months, I was experiencing very heavy menstrual bleeding lasting 10-14 days with only a couple of weeks between my periods. A complete gynecological work up showed only fibroid tumors. A number of surgical and chemotherapeutic options were presented. I opted for acupuncture. I have been coming regularly for 7 months and my periods have normalized. I am very satisfied with the results and would recommend Advanced Healthcare Solutions. Fibroid Tumors/Abnormal Bleeding

Neck and shoulder pain – pain radiating down my right arm- right bicep going into muscle spasms sometimes with no discernible cause: all these symptoms were causing much reduced range of motion and loss of sleep. A wonderful massage therapist, trying to treat me for months, could not help because any pressure at all was too painful to tolerate. Knowing that I did not want to resort to injections or possible surgery, the massage therapist recommended acupuncture and referred me to Advanced Healthcare Solutions. I began acupuncture on a weekly (sometimes twice a week) basis and listened carefully to Marc’s explanation of blockage in blood flow and how acupuncture works. I felt immediate relief from pain, although it only lasted for a few hours in the beginning. Four hours of no aching after two years of increasing pain was indeed reason enough to continue treatment. Two years later, no longer needing acupuncture weekly or even monthly, I sleep without discomfort and have close to normal range of motion. I have not stopped treatment altogether because of the severity of my injury, but there is no question that my significant improvement has reduced stress of all kinds, including depression. Constant pain and good quality of life cannot coexist. Acupuncture and education about your body’s ability to respond positively to it can bring you back to enjoying normal activities. If you don’t like needles, just don’t watch. You certainly won’t feel any pain. As the bumper sticker on Marc’s car says: the point is acupuncture works. I am certainly a good example of it. (Maybe they’ll let me be the next poster-woman)! Depression & Pain

I felt like there was always something wrong with me. It started years ago with some depressive episodes that were compounded by anxiety. These conditions led to sleeplessness, irritability and just no feeling well. Going so long not feeling well caused many other problems too. I would get sick a lot, get headaches, gain weight very quickly, and want to sleep all the time. I spend what little energy I had trying to not appear depressed or anxious on the outside while it was eating away at the inside. After all these symptoms taking their toll for years I started developing other problems. A Giant Cell Lesion (bony tumor) on my jaw that had to be removed. A Cervical Polyp that caused weakness and a lot of bleeding until it was removed. Unexplained reactions (swelling around my eyes) that doctors could not figure out and a Bladder infection. More and more headaches were occurring but according to blood tests were not migraines. It was always something. On top of all these problems and the depression/anxiety I was on multiple medications for various symptoms:

  • Prozac – for depression/anxiety
  • Wellbutrin – for depression/anxiety
  • Klonpin – for anxiety
  • Ambien – for sleeplessness
  • Zyrtec – for allergies
  • Various others depending on what was going on at the time (infections etc)

I felt like the medications were controlling my life! And they were not even making me feel better. They were just “band-aids.” I decided to seek alternative treatment when I went to psychiatrist and wanted to try to get off some of the medications. I would like to have kids eventually and all the medication cannot be good. His response to me was to not mess with it if I am feeling okay and that if/when I did get pregnant he would probably need to increase dosages! INCREASE THEM! That is when I drew the line and knew I needed to find something else. I am just finishing up the Relief Phase of my acupuncture and am happy to say that I now take no prescriptions and am feeling very good. I still have a ways to go since I did have so many various symptoms when I first started treatment, but I am very impressed with my results so far!

Depression & Anxiety

When I started at Cisco, people joked about the “Cisco 50+” and the work it took to get things done. Although I came from a background where stress and high performance were typical, the mechanisms I used to balance my workload and my health were faulty, to say the least. Sometimes I wonder how it came to be that I found myself in Marc’s office. It wasn’t solely the stress of my work, and I certainly had no desire to become one with my “chi” Instead, it was a series of events that made me wake up one morning and say – ENOUGH! About six months ago, I went to my doctor complaining about abdominal pain. Several tests and referrals later, I found myself on the bed of a CAT scan machine thinking that I was a few minutes away from an appendectomy. The surgeon had the results in his hands, and approached my husband and I in the waiting area-among 15 other patients. With austere precision he said, “Mrs. Rademann, you don’t have appendicitis… You do, however, have a large ovarian cyst that you should get looked at immediately.” Embarrassed knowing that my medical drama was now shared with strangers, my husband and I left to figure out what to do next. My OB prescribed medication to shrink the cyst, and although two months of therapy proved to help, I was stuck taking a medication that made me extremely dizzy and nauseated all the time. The cyst wasn’t my only concern, however. I wasn’t healthy. I wasn’t going to the gym, eating as I should, or worrying about my cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. Don’t get me wrong – I cared about these things but I suppose what made me not want to know, was what I was going to have to change in my life to make things different. I woke up one morning annoyed that I would have to take the medication that gave me all sorts of side effects, with only one positive, temporary solution – the cyst was shrinking. I was disappointed that the plans my husband and I had to start our family were significantly delayed. Most importantly, however, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I had gone to a “lunch and learn” where Sharon Cutler spoke on the benefits of acupuncture to treat headaches here at Cisco. It wasn’t putting a band-aid on the problem; it was finding the root cause of the symptom, and making medications to eliminate the ailment permanently. Being the pack rat that I am, I kept the card, and made a phone call for a free consultation. I visited the office days later, and shared the kind of personal “ah HA” moment that Oprah would be proud of. Marc looked at my chart, and then spoke to me the way no other physician to date had before. He was personally interested in my health; and although I was brought to teas by his genuine interest in seeing me get healthy and achieve the goals I had for myself and my family, I was at the moment ready to “do the work.” Its’ only been two months. I’ve lost over 10 pounds, my blood pressure has dropped over 10 points, my cholesterol levels are lower, I have more energy- even without Starbucks- and the root cause of the cyst is finally being addressed. In only two months, my health has dramatically improved, and all it took was one decision. I would recommend to anyone (and have) acupuncture as a means of medical treatment. Marc’s staff has treated me like family, and believes in my wellness journey… as I do now.

Cysts, Stress, & Wellness

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