Since last Tuesday I have been able to sleep 8-10 hours per night. I only get up to use the bathroom and then back to sleep I go. Yeah! This is really great! Prior to last Tuesday I did well to sleep 3-4 hours per night, sitting upright in a chair. This had been going on since June 20th [over 4 months]. I could not breathe due to the excessive phlegm in my lungs. It was normal to be awakened gasping for air. Sleeping was not my friend at that time. Being afraid of not knowing what was actually wrong with my lungs, the doctors not being able to figure it out. I felt that I could die while sleeping. Now sleep is my friend. I look forward to going to bed – note: not the chair. My husband gets more sleep as well and he doesn’t have to get up and check on me. Sweet Sleep

To make the claim that acupuncturists Marc Cutler and Tommy Shuman and the caring staff of Advanced Healthcare Solutions saved my life would not be an exaggeration. I came to Marc out of sheer desperation, hoping that just maybe acupuncture could alleviate my lifelong insomnia, which had become progressively more difficult in my college years and continued to deteriorate with the arrival of children and other stressors. Lack of sleep eventually becoming a totally debilitation problem– one that led to more stress, more anxiety, and an endless painful cycle in my life. I had appealed to very branch of medicine known to me, yet still remained a mystery to all. With the help of a sleep specialist and several sleep studies over the years I was eventually diagnosed with both sleep apnea and RLS. The apnea was a big shocker to all as I had none of the indicators. I was fitted with CPAP machine though none really fitted, as none were small enough existed for my facial size. This all did nothing for the insomnia yet I dutifully used this uncomfortable contraption every night for nearly a year. In spite of everything including medication, my sleep problems got progressively worse. I was depressed, in constant physical pain, had no energy or stamina for anything and little will to live. My faith in God, my husband and my children were my reasons for persevering. Finally I took a leap of faith and pulled out my very last resource – to be used only as an extreme measure because what if this didn’t work? What then? I walked into Marc’s office feeling like “the walking dead” and I’m sure I looked the part. Although I knew very little about acupuncture, the needles didn’t scare me. I didn’t care if they hurt or even if they hurt a lot! – They don’t. I was told I was in the right place and that there was help. How I wanted to believe that. My brain had become a sieve and could not wrap itself around the notion of relief. So I faithfully kept my appointment and after a month or so I noticed improvements. At leas 3 or so hours of sleep was to be had every night now. I was elated but afraid the “luck” would run out and I would be handicapped as before. Marc continued to reassure me, saying “we’ll get you sleeping, you don’t scare me!” This was so much more than I had ever received from any other healthcare professional. I was always told I was mystery and out came the prescription pad yet again. After about two months of acupuncture, I no longer needed the CPAP! What a relief! After three months of several relapses, I turned a very big corner and was finally able to fall asleep at night – much improved over my usual 4 or 5 AM. It was not yet time to stop as very early awakening was frequently occurring. I have now had almost six months of treatment and am finally able to report my miracle. I sleep normal hours now and feel wonderful. Needless to say, I cannot say enough concerning how patient, caring and healing the entire staff is here. They honestly and sincerely do care and I’m grateful to each and every one of them! In addition, they are knowledgeable about nutrition, herbal and holistic medicine, and healing massage. Traci and Laura are both highly skilled and caring licensed massage therapists and will not disappoint. If Marc, Tommy, and staff do not think they can help, they will tell you! And they will also say “I’m not giving up on you” when appropriate. Lifelong Insomnia

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