This letter is a testament to the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of Sensory Processing (or Integration) Disorder. My son has been receiving treatment from Marc Cutler for almost a year, and I am amazed and thankful for his care. As a parent, we all wish for healthy, happy children. My son was loveable, easy-going baby yet seemed to be somehow unusual at times. He did not reach the motor milestones until the very end of what deemed “normal.” Loud sounds, even everyday ones like blenders and doorbells could send him into hysterical fits. As he reached toddlerhood, he seemed to be more “different.” He could have intense meltdowns with little or no provocation, he rocked and banged his head incessantly, especially at night, to the point of bruises across his forehead; he seemed fascinated by some textures and repulsed by others; he stuffed his mouth so full of food we were constantly vigilant for choking. Although very outgoing, he didn’t interact as well with other children, and eventually became withdrawn. Desperate to help my son, I started talking to family members and friends. Once diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder, I felt a mix of emotions – relief that I finally knew what was going on with my adorable angel, and saddened that my beloved child had a long and sometimes difficult road ahead of him. He started Occupational Therapy just after he turned 4 years old, and his advances were remarkable. However, once in kindergarten his “differences” once again became more noticeable. He wasn’t grasping material, couldn’t follow directions, was easily distracted and just not engaged. During a chance meeting with Marc, we started talking about childhood conditions and his work with children with ADD/ADHD. Willing to try any natural method of treatment for my son, I decided to give it a try. Within three weeks of beginning twice weekly sessions with Marc, friends, family and teachers began commenting on how much my son’s speech had improved- they were able to understand him much more. As communication had been a big barrier to my son’s ability to make friendships, I was elated. After six weeks, a meeting with the teacher revealed that my son was starting to distinguish letters and sounds, and to retain his lessons from one day to the next. Seeing my son, who once would call himself stupid, taking pride in his work and wanting to engage in learning at home, made me a firm believer in the use of acupuncture for treating Sensory Integration Disorder. But that isn’t all. My son is repeating kindergarten, as I felt it would be better that he move on with a secure knowledge of the skills and basics needed for first grade. He went into kindergarten again happy to be back and feeling like the big kid on the block. Due to a crazy schedule, I started letting his acupuncture appointments slide. Shortly before Christmas, my son started having behavioral issues at school, was demonstrating low self-esteem and struggling to improve his performance in school. In some areas, he hadn’t achieved anything more that what he started with. Now my “big kid on the block” was in the middle of the pack and slipping. So, what did I do? Call Marc and recommit my son’s treatment. Within three weeks, he was settling down, focusing, and learning! After just two months back in acupuncture, my son, who struggled desperately just to learn letters and distinguish sounds, is reading! And he is enjoying it, and talking about when he will read chapter books. Throughout treatment, Marc demonstrates patience and a sincere interest in improving my son’s ability to learn, communicate, and function. His passion for helping children, to keep them off dangerous mind altering drugs, is apparent. He relates to his young patients’ very well – in fact my son, at age 6, recently became the youngest patient to receive treatment with needles instead of laser – and all because of his trust in Marc. When my son gets ‘out of sync’ he will cry and say “I need to go see Marc!” As a mother, I get very emotional when I speak to others about what acupuncture has done for my son. As parents, we want to feel we are doing the best for our children, and doing everything we can for them, leaving no stone unturned. I felt very sternly that I was not going to allow someone to try to medicate my child in order to get him to conform to rigorous and sometimes ridiculous standards of behavior. To any parent with a child who has a neurological disorder, such as ADD/ADHD, Sensory Integration Disorder, or Asperger’s Syndrome, I strongly recommend that you give acupuncture and Marc a chance to help improve your children’s lives as he has improved my son’s life. Thank you Marc, from the bottom of my heart. Johnathan, once anxious, insecure, and down on himself, is now confident, can make friends easily, and is very proud of what he is learning, and feels that his now capable of so much more. Is there any price to place on that? Sincerely, Sensory Integration Disorder

Advanced Healthcare Solutions has changed my daughter’s life forever. One year ago, Kate was covered in eczema caused by food allergies, as well as environmental allergies, such as pollen, dust, dust mites, cats, dogs, mold, mildew, grass, trees, and shrubs. She also suffered from asthma. She scratched constantly, and was miserable. Her frail body was overloaded with pharmaceutical drugs such as antibiotics and steroids. She was also receiving allergy shots, twice a week, which wore her body down. After visiting many pediatricians, allergists, dermatologists, immunologists, and even a psychologist, I decided to switch gears. I had read a lot about Western medicine and how it only treats the “symptoms,” and Eastern medicine treats the “whole body.” Having a new perspective on Kate’s “disability” we visited Advanced Healthcare Solutions where we received courage and support. On June 5th, 2007 Kate began her journey by receiving laser treatments twice a week to boost her immune system. Now she visits once a month. Also we have eliminated foods and preservatives. Kate takes probiotics and a daily vitamin. She has not shown any symptoms of asthma, and she survived the pollen season! Best of all she DOES NOT ITCH! Thank you so much Advanced Healthcare Solutions! Pediatric Allergies

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