In this day and age, the Internet constitutes such a big part of our daily lives. We are constantly being confronted with new information via our computers, smart phones, and tablets. While this modern convenience of interconnectivity and access to information has tremendous benefits, it also has some drawbacks.

Holistic health maintains that a healthy person does not only have a healthy body, but also mind and spirit. That is, the truly healthy individual achieves a balance and harmony among the body, the mind, and the spirit. Due to our constant encounters with new information and media, the mind and spirit, and therefore the body, tend to suffer. The consistent stimulation from technology can cause anxiety and restlessness for the mind and spirit; therefore, it’s important to cultivate silence and quietness in our lives in order to allow our minds to process information and give the spirit space to rest.

Developing a meditative practice is one way you can create this space for the mind and spirit. This may involve a period during the day where you sit quietly without any technological distractions. You may practice breathing exercises. Or yoga. Be sure to silence your phone, or turn it off. Put your computer away. Disconnect yourself from the noise and chatter of technology. This practice can help you significantly reduce stress and anxiety by letting you gain some perspective and live with more intentionality and mindfulness.

It’s important that we create space to slow down, to process, and just be.